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Okay. Battery dead!  Drove to get new battery. My friend from Jacksonville, Florida had a distributor in Illinois. He had a battery. Dean called him and then I did. He was on the Illinois side of St Lewis. So, he drove and met us with a battery. Wow. We got to use a loaner brand new car from the GM at the local Warden-Martin car dealership. He was super and said that car was for whatever needed done, so go get that battery and get in the sky.  Drove to get, got put in and flew to Murfreesboro.  Rules:  not the first plane to make Daytona wins automatically!   We had handicapped our plane so we are flying to beat our own handicap and that how winner is chosen. Best time!  Good thing winds were great this later afternoon to Murfreesboro. So good time on that leg. We were afraid to try to go on to Americas, Georgia because we must be grounded by sunset. With the time change we did not want to get disqualified due to trying to rush when we have until 4 tomorrow to make Daytona. Winds better in the morning so my blimp will be moving early. 6:30 as soon as we can get up and out. Rule- not before 6:30!   Thanks for following. This has been a great experience. Rough and probably one of the toughest things I have ever done. Flybys have been fast and tough.  Also, the plane that went down yesterday in field south of Springfield, Mo the pilot and copilot had engine failure and put it down in a field. They are both okay. Plane not so good!   Team 51 from LaTourneau University at Longview, my sweet buddies had to withdraw. One of the girls got really sick.  It has been a tough and grueling experience.  And hey, Buddy Heild from Oklahoma Sooners was #6 draft pick. Go Buddy!   Got to get some sleep. 4:15 is coming early!   Yes I played pin ball with the clouds today. Fun fun. But I stayed Vfr.  Fun day! Miss you Tommy Coleman!
Posted by Cindy Coleman  On Jun 23, 2016 at 9:46 PM
Time change has really killed me. Kids, I am 2 hours behind you. I am trying to keep my Texas time, so I am getting up early here. Going to bed late!   Sat in classes all day yesterday and going to today!   Check out my flight path in the pics. I should be close to the Mill flying over. If as we are thinking, at this moment, could be bright and early Wednesday morning.  I am looking for some notes!  And when flying across, I'll look for some 33 painted on the ground or roofs!  Blow me some good tailwinds!   I'll drop a note and have a surprise for who finds it!  Happy hunting!
Posted by Cindy Coleman  On Jun 20, 2016 at 8:59 AM 6 Comments
Wichita Falls came and did news article that aired last night. The Vernon paper came and interviewed. Then we were gone.  Friends, pics will be a lot from Mary Latimer. She takes pics while I got beat up riding the air waves!  Wow what a learning experience already!  I'll try to post a few pics on school webpage. I flew at 10,500 feet but was only 4,000 feet above ground a lot. You kids do the math!  I did get a chance to take a couple pics for you to enjoy. Mary will have to send to me. She always had her phone out, so I used hers.   I tried holding altitude but those up and down drafts were Crazy!  Mary finally told me to quit fighting and ride. Much easier!  Air density is not my friend. We Hs headwind and very thin air. The 182 was SLOW!  Full power!  The last hour we picked up about 8 knots and the waves were not so bad.  We stopped in Childress, Texas and filled up. I had met Luke several years back. He had fuel 3.00. Next stop was St Johns Industrial Airpark. Oh my, they were closed and had no self service. We pilots forgot to check hours of operation. Made a call and 3 boys came out. They were shocked 2 women were flying. We had 2 TFR's bc of fires. Had to go south around one a bit. We flew then to Prescott so we did not have to unpack and pack. We got here about 9. Prescott time. 2 hours behind y'all. I had a headache and really tired. Got up to call Tommy Coleman but time-he was already at work. I am drinking coffee, reflecting and going back to bed. I will clean bugs off plane and get it ready to be impounded for inspection for the race. 
Posted by Cindy Coleman  On Jun 17, 2016 at 9:42 AM
After a great day of cleaning yesterday, I am off today!  Headed to Vernon, Texas to plan with my co-pilot, Mary Latimer and make sure we are ready! she is the female pilot of pilots!  It is an honor for me to fly this race with such an outstanding female aviation person.  She is retired air traffic, founder of GIFT- Girls in Flight Training, FAA examiner, CFII (instructor) and if something goes wrong with plane, she is an A&P (plane mechanic).  Should be a fun and wonderful learning experience for me. 
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This is a website that you can actually hear me talking live.  ARC  mapprogress
Posted by Cindy Coleman  On May 22, 2016 at 11:22 AM 1 Comment
This is a website that you can actually hear me talking live.  ARC  mapprogress
Posted by Cindy Coleman  On May 22, 2016 at 11:22 AM 1 Comment
I flew from Terrell to Longview on Thursday evening. Flew my handicap with Lee Foster. She has entered the race as well as a team from LaTourneau. There she is a flight instructor. She had a student, Tim that helped me with my Bad Elf. This is a gps that monitors my every move in flight.  I had to fly 6 minutes north, 6 minutes East, 6 minutes South and 6 minutes West holding a steady altitude. Could not go up or down more than 10 feet. I was on the 3rd leg I blew altitude. This caused me to start all over a new square. Aughhhh.  This was worse than a check ride with holding altitude.   Got it done!   After all the paper work and Bad Elf submitted, my Handicap has been approved. 
Posted by Cindy Coleman  On May 22, 2016 at 11:18 AM
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