Handicapped approved 
I flew from Terrell to Longview on Thursday evening. Flew my handicap with Lee Foster. She has entered the race as well as a team from LaTourneau. There she is a flight instructor. She had a student, Tim that helped me with my Bad Elf. This is a gps that monitors my every move in flight. 
I had to fly 6 minutes north, 6 minutes East, 6 minutes South and 6 minutes West holding a steady altitude. Could not go up or down more than 10 feet. I was on the 3rd leg I blew altitude. This caused me to start all over a new square. Aughhhh.  This was worse than a check ride with holding altitude.   Got it done!  
After all the paper work and Bad Elf submitted, my Handicap has been approved
Posted by Cindy Coleman On 22 May, 2016 at 11:18 AM  

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