Tough and tired, but good so far! 
Okay. Battery dead!  Drove to get new battery. My friend from Jacksonville, Florida had a distributor in Illinois. He had a battery. Dean called him and then I did. He was on the Illinois side of St Lewis. So, he drove and met us with a battery. Wow. We got to use a loaner brand new car from the GM at the local Warden-Martin car dealership. He was super and said that car was for whatever needed done, so go get that battery and get in the sky.  Drove to get, got put in and flew to Murfreesboro. 
Rules:  not the first plane to make Daytona wins automatically!  
We had handicapped our plane so we are flying to beat our own handicap and that how winner is chosen. Best time!  Good thing winds were great this later afternoon to Murfreesboro. So good time on that leg. We were afraid to try to go on to Americas, Georgia because we must be grounded by sunset. With the time change we did not want to get disqualified due to trying to rush when we have until 4 tomorrow to make Daytona. Winds better in the morning so my blimp will be moving early. 6:30 as soon as we can get up and out. Rule- not before 6:30!  
Thanks for following. This has been a great experience. Rough and probably one of the toughest things I have ever done. Flybys have been fast and tough. 
Also, the plane that went down yesterday in field south of Springfield, Mo the pilot and copilot had engine failure and put it down in a field. They are both okay. Plane not so good!  
Team 51 from LaTourneau University at Longview, my sweet buddies had to withdraw. One of the girls got really sick. 
It has been a tough and grueling experience. 
And hey, Buddy Heild from Oklahoma Sooners was #6 draft pick. Go Buddy!  
Got to get some sleep. 4:15 is coming early!  
Yes I played pin ball with the clouds today. Fun fun. But I stayed Vfr. 
Fun day!
Miss you Tommy Coleman!
Posted by Cindy Coleman On 23 June, 2016 at 9:46 PM  

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