Exhausted but in Prescott, Arizona 
Wichita Falls came and did news article that aired last night. The Vernon paper came and interviewed. Then we were gone.  Friends, pics will be a lot from Mary Latimer. She takes pics while I got beat up riding the air waves!  Wow what a learning experience already!  I'll try to post a few pics on school webpage. I flew at 10,500 feet but was only 4,000 feet above ground a lot. You kids do the math!  I did get a chance to take a couple pics for you to enjoy. Mary will have to send to me. She always had her phone out, so I used hers.   I tried holding altitude but those up and down drafts were Crazy!  Mary finally told me to quit fighting and ride. Much easier!  Air density is not my friend. We Hs headwind and very thin air. The 182 was SLOW!  Full power!  The last hour we picked up about 8 knots and the waves were not so bad. 
We stopped in Childress, Texas and filled up. I had met Luke several years back. He had fuel 3.00. Next stop was St Johns Industrial Airpark. Oh my, they were closed and had no self service. We pilots forgot to check hours of operation. Made a call and 3 boys came out. They were shocked 2 women were flying. We had 2 TFR's bc of fires. Had to go south around one a bit. We flew then to Prescott so we did not have to unpack and pack. We got here about 9. Prescott time. 2 hours behind y'all. I had a headache and really tired. Got up to call Tommy Coleman but time-he was already at work. I am drinking coffee, reflecting and going back to bed.
I will clean bugs off plane and get it ready to be impounded for inspection for the race. 
Posted by Cindy Coleman On 17 June, 2016 at 9:42 AM  

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