JV Roster
Cody Craig
Height:    5'8
Weight:   130lbs.
Year:       Sophomore
Position:  Guard
number:   31

Cody was born February 11, 1998 to David and Candace Craig.
He also plays Baseball ,and made Playoffs for Baseball.

Noah Ingram
noahHeight:    5'11
Weight:   140lbs.
Year:       Freshman
Position:  Post
Number:  45

Noah was born on November 12, 1998 to Tina and Kris Ingram. He also plays tennis and runs cross country. Noah plans to attend Kansas University and become an architect. 

Peyton Garner
peytonHeight:    6'
Weight:   180lbs.
Year:       Freshman
Position:  Post
Number:  42


Peyton was born on October 23, 1998 to Stacey and Stoney Garner. He also plays baseball. Peyton plans to attend Texas A&M.

Dakota Lanning
dakotaHeight:    5'8
Weight:   125lbs.
Year:       Freshman 
Position: Guard
Number: 5

Dakota was born on September 28, 1998 to Casondra Lanning. He also plays tennis. Dakota Plans on going to college.

Ty Lowry
tyHeight:    5'9
Weight:   185lbs.
Year:       Sophomore
Position: Guard
Number: 3

Ty was born on October 13 to Alice Woods and Jessie Lowry. Ty plans on going to college.

Jacorey Smith 
jacoreyHeight:    6'2
Weight:   130lbs.
Year:       Sophomore
Position:  Guard
Number:  21

Jacorey was born on December 3, 1996 to Judy Smith and Bryan Jackson. He also plays tennis. Jacorey plans on going to college after high school.