History of Martin's Mill

Martin's Mill

est. 1870's

The community of Martin's Mill was named after Daniel G. Martin, a highly respected man for his dedication the farmers in the area. Martin built the first grist mill that was used by the citizens for many things. Part of his mill stood standing until World War I (1914).

The First & Second School House

The first schoolhouse opened its doors in 1875. The school was a log house, made up of one room, educated children 3 to 7. The second school was named Old Friendship School. Just like the first school, the building, made from the lumber of post oak trees, was only room. The building was also used as a community center for church services and weddings.

The Third School House

The 3rd school was made around 1900 when R. S. Summarell donated six acres and changed the name from Old Friendship School to Martin's Mill Independent School District. This building contained 3 classrooms downstairs and a meeting place upstairs. The school was still used for church and community meetings. Later, two more classrooms were added to the north end of the old building. John W. Miller was the first teacher at MMISD, and he taught all the children.

The Fourth and Fifth School

The fourth building was built in 1914 and had two levels along with four classrooms. The superintendent's office was on the first floor, and on the second floor there was a large auditorium. Still, the school building was used for community activities. Sadly, this building burnt down in 1939. The same year, a new building was built and occupied. The fifth building had ten classrooms and a large auditorium. This building also burnt down.

Disaster Strikes

In 1940, part of the town of Martin's Mill was destroyed by fire. Everything was destroyed. Many businesses never rebuilt. The post office remained opened but later closed in 1960.

The Sixth School

In 1942, the sixth building was built and housed more than 100 students in grades 1 - 12. When the high school was lost in 1958, the building only housed students K - 8. (*In 1949, the boy's basketball team brought home the first State Championship title for the school.)This building was used until 1991. In 1981, high school was brought back to Martin's Mill. This building was very hot in the summer because of poor air conditioning and extremely cold in the winter with large cracks in the walls and floors. A few years later, the building had to be torn down.

Present Day School

During the second semester of 1981, the present day school was erected with an $800,000 bond issue. Eight new elementary classrooms, a computer lab, library, cafeteria, and science lab were all built in the new school. Portable buildings were brought in for agriculture, homemaking, pre-k, special education, and some high school classrooms. The next building added, had five classrooms, one workroom, two offices, and a book room. The school was able to hold 335 students.

Due to facilities, low test scores, and other factors, the school was placed on one year probation by the TEA (Texas Education Agency). After that one year, the superintendent (Seth Adams), along with the principal (Robert Wyman) and assistant principal (Guy Furr) led the school to meet and surpass requirements of the TEA.

MMISD increased enrollment to 351 and added six classrooms. In 1996, the "High School Wing" was added. The enrollment went up to 376 and the school began outgrowing its structures. In the 96-97 school year, the campus was made "Exemplary" by the TEA. During the 97-98 year, Martin's Mill gained funding to build a new gym and six more high school classrooms. In 2015, a mini lab was added to accommodate for online classes.  In that same year, the district also converted a portable building to our new Life Skills Department to accommodate children in the community who have special needs.

We currently have enrollment over 500 and our district continues to grow.  

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