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Helpful Websites

Please Note: The websites listed in this section have in no way been approved for accuracy or endorsed by the Martin’s Mill ISD School Board, Administration, Staff or its patrons. All sites listed were identified by individual special education staff members or family members with children receiving special education services with the intent of helping others locate key resources in the area of special education. If you find any materials contained in any of the sites objectionable, please immediately notify Casey Monds.  

General Information about Children with Disabilities

1. - United States Department of Education

2. - The Special Education Advocate

3. - Texas Education Agency

4. - Council for Exceptional Children

5.    - American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

6. -  Resources for parents/teachers of students with reading difficulties

7. - US Department of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation   


Information about Bipolar and Other Psychological Disorders

1. -  Official site of the national Institute of Mental health

2. - Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation



1. - Attention Deficit Disorder Association

2. - Children and Adults with ADHD



1. – International Dyslexia Association


Down Syndrome

1. - National Down Syndrome Society



1. -  Families for Early Autism Treatment

2. - Behavioral Programming for Children with Autism

3. - Autism Society of America


Cerebral Palsy

1. - Cerebral Palsy Guide

E-Learning / Special Education